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  • KNX-RF S-Mode Wireless 1-channel Switching Actuator:
    • 2-channel Switching Actuator.
    • 1-channel Blind/Shutter Actuator.
  • If it is configured as 2-channel Switch Actuator, the following functions are available in each channel: Timer, Preset value, Scene control, Logical functions, Forzed and Threshold function.
  • If it is configured as 1-channel Blinds/Shutters Actuator, the following alarms and functions are available: Wind alarm, Rain alarm, Frost alarm, Sun Protection function, Scene control and Forzed function.
  • Programming and commissioning via ETS5 or later version.

2-channel KNX-RF...

Price €115.31

The Cubevision module makes creating unique and intuitive visualisations child's play.

Also compatible with ETS Inside.

*NEW: create scenes and smart home functions via drag and drop within the userinterface.


Price €797.39